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Liyara Talks - Harry Potter Sorting Hat for a cause

Liyara Talks - Harry Potter Sorting Hat for a cause

Liyara Talks
Liyara had a discussion with one of the winning team member of International Conference on Social Robotics 2019, Madrid Spain
Global 1st Place Winner - Hardware category 
This is the first time Sri Lanka received this award,
(Top Universities across the global especially from USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Japan and etc participated in this)

The Harry Potter Sorting hat been introduced as a communication way for Autism Children.
Autism is a neurological disease which doesn't allow children to interact, express them selves and emotions. Therefore as a solution they have developed a social robot with an appearance of the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter movie to interact and help them express them selves. The sorting hat which they have created also reads the brainwaves and that data can also be further analyzed for various medical purposes.

හැරී පොටර් කතාමාලාවේ එන තොප්පිය සමාජ සත්කාරයක් සිදු කිරීමේ අභිප්‍රායෙන් නිර්මාණය කළ කණ්ඩායම් සාමාජිකාවක් වන ටෙහානි සමඟ ලියාරා කළ කතා බහ.
නොවැම්බර් මස 26-29 දින වල ස්පාඤ්ඤයේ මැඩ්‍රිඩ් හිදී පැවති අන්තර්ජාතික සාමාජීය රොබොට් තරගයෙන්  (International Conference On Social Robotics) ලොව පළමු ස්ථානය ලංකාවට ප්‍රථම වතාවට හිමිවිය. 

මෙයට ලොව පුරා රටවල් තරගයට පැමිණියහ.  මෙහි දී ඔටිසම් තිබෙන ලමයින්ට ප්‍රතිකාරයක් ලෙස interactive robot කෙනෙක් නිර්මාණය කලේය. මෙම රොබෝ හැරී පොටර් චිත්‍රපටයේ තිබෙන මායකාර තොප්පියේ මුහුනුවර තිබීම ඔටිසම් ලමුන්ගේ ආකර්ශනය පමණක් නොව ලොවපුරා ආකර්ශණයක් බවට පත්විය.

Special Notes from Tehani:

1. Truly thankful to our senior lecturer Dr. Ravindra de Silva the supervisor of the project and all the lecturers at the Department of Computer Science and Statistics, the Innovation, Inventions and Venture Creations Council (IIVCC) and especially the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sampath Amaratunge and the Dean of Faculty of Applied Sciences, Prof. Laleen Karunanayake for all the support and guidance extended towards making the project a success.

2. The project is to act as a mediator for autistic children to interact with the society and to help them learn emotions. It is not a solution or a medicine nor detects autism.

3. The product will take around 6 more months to complete development and also the award was won in the middle of the project. We look forward to publishing the research papers within the coming months.  

Team :

Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Dr. Ravindra de Silva (supervisor/මග පෙන්වීම යටතේ)


Adhisha Gammanpila (අදීශ ගම්මන්පිල)
Asela Wijesinghe 
Tehani Wanniarachchi
Viraji Amarajeewa
Dovini Jayasinghe